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Kawakawa Greenstone Whale Tail
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Kawakawa Greenstone Whale Tail

Kawakawa Greenstone Whale Tail


A stunning Whales Tail handcrafted from a beautiful piece of Kawakawa Stone. A wonderful carving.

Whale Tail - Muri Paraoa - meaning speed and strength. The Whale Tail represents the support often shown by dolphins and whales to humans in distress, therefore a symbol of protection. It expresses the respect for the sea and nature thus a symbol of good luck, providing safe passage over water. The Whale was the most important animal in the life of the Maori. Besides speed and strength, it also represents success, confidence, sensitivity, and the bond between animal and human.

Koru - The Maori word for bright or loop. It refers to the shoots of the silver fern. The circular movement to the inner core refers to "going back to the beginnings". The unfurling frond itself is symbolic for new life, new beginnings, hope, personal growth, purity nurturing, a new phase in life, the spirit of rejuvenation and peace.

Genuine West Coast Greenstone – Kawakawa. A dark rich green with varying intermediate shades, named after the leaf of the Kawakawa. It is the main type used in gem purposes.

Hand Carved by Shaun Gardiner


53mm long x 32mm wide


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