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Kawakawa Greenstone Triple Twist
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Kawakawa Greenstone Triple Twist

Kawakawa Greenstone Triple Twist


A stunning Double Twist handcrafted from a wonderful piece of Kawakawa stone. A beautiful carving created from the pure essence of the Kawakawa stone and of the highest quality. A very special Taonga for a very special loved one.

Double and triple Twists - Pikorua, resembles two intertwined pikopiko ferns. representing the paths of life and love or friendship and eternity. Double twists refer to the bond between peoples or culture rather than individuals - traditionally given as an offering of friendship between two different tribes.

Genuine West Coast Greenstone – Kawakawa. A dark rich green with varying intermediate shades, named after the leaf of the Kawakawa. It is the main type used in gem purposes.

Carved by Shaun Gardiner


61mm long x 30mm wide


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