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Flower Jade Greenstone Tiki - Tawhitinui Bay
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Flower Jade Greenstone Tiki - Tawhitinui Bay

Flower Jade Greenstone Tiki - Tawhitinui Bay


A beautiful hand carved Tiki from a gorgeous piece of Marsden Flower Jade. A wonderful Tiki that has the most amazing colours and hues. A great carving to bring you luck.

According to legends Tiki was the first man on Earth who originated from the stars. The first mortal person who created the first woman after his image. The exact meaning of the Tiki is disputed. There are several opinions but the most accepted are that the Tiki stands for fertility. Traditionally regarded as a good luck charm meant to keep evil spirits away.

This a Genuine West Coast Kahurangi Greenstone from the Marsden, West Coast area. The centre of this stone is a highly translucent, light-ish green shade, free from dark spots and other flaws. One of the rarest varieties, held in high esteem by the Maori. The most prized Greenstone in New Zealand is flower jade, Greenstone with pale green or ochre clouds of colour. This distinctive patterning and colouring come from the outside rim or 'rind' of the greenstone boulders or stones where the surface has oxidised.

Hand Carved by Kaleb Schad


41mm long x 75mm wide


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