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Marsden Flower Jade Greenstone Rei Niho (Whale's Tooth) - Kumeti
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Marsden Flower Jade Greenstone Rei Niho (Whale's Tooth) - Kumeti

Marsden Flower Jade Greenstone Rei Niho (Whale's Tooth) - Kumeti


An absolutely magnificent Rei Niho (Whales tooth) handcrafted from a gorgeous Marsden Flower Jade .

Rei niho (Eye Tooth) carved from pounamu, maintains the beauty of the traditional form, symbolising the intimate connection between Maori and Tohorā. The mark of a high Chief was one who wore the Rei Niho (whale tooth pendant), as the teeth of the sperm whale (Paraoa) were highly prized because of their rarity. With actual whale teeth being such a rarity, it became common to fashion the tooth form from other materials such as this example created from Pounamu.

Genuine West Coast Marsden Flower Jade from the Marsden, West Coast area. The centre of this stone is a highly translucent, light-ish green shade, free from dark spots and other flaws. One of the rarest varieties, held in high esteem by the Maori. The most prized Greenstone in New Zealand is Flower Jade, Greenstone with pale green or ochre clouds of colour. This distinctive patterning and colouring come from the outside rim or 'rind' of the greenstone boulders or stones where the surface has oxidised

Hand carved by Kaleb Schad


82mm long x 61mm wide


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