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Inanga Flower Pounamu Greenstone Hook - Kopane
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Inanga Flower Pounamu Greenstone Hook - Kopane

Inanga Flower Pounamu Greenstone Hook - Kopane


A magical Hei Matau from a stunning piece of Inanga stone. Such an amazing colour, this gorgeous design means so much and is an excellent gift to give.

Hei Matau (Fishhook) - Originally Maori have been fishermen. Their main food source was the sea, so a fishhook of high quality was a very valuable item to own. The hook became a symbol of prosperity, abundance, good health, power, authority and respect for the sea and its life in it. They also provide good luck and safety while travelling across water.

This a Genuine West Coast Inanga Greenstone from the Arahura River area, West Coast. A grey-green colour. It is either very translucent or quite opaque. Highly prized by the Maori and the desired material for making Mere and Patu. The most prized Greenstone in New Zealand is Flower Jade, Greenstone with pale green or ochre clouds of colour. This distinctive patterning and colouring come from the outside rim or 'rind' of the greenstone boulders or stones where the surface has oxidised.

Carved by Deane Moreton


101mm Long x 35mm wide


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