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Flower Jade Greenstone Drop (Kuru) & 9ct Gold Pendant
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Flower Jade Greenstone Drop (Kuru) & 9ct Gold Pendant

Flower Jade Greenstone Drop (Kuru) & 9ct Gold Pendant


A stunningly elegant Drop (Kuru) Pendant handcrafted from the most amazing piece of rare gem grade Flower Jade. A exquisite carving created from the pure essence of the Flower Jade and of the highest quality.  Attached with a 9ct Yellow Gold Cap.

The Drop/Kuru - Drop pendants are regarded as touch stones for meditation and representing a connection to the whenua (the land) Aotearoa (New Zealand). The Kuru design is a simple slender length of pounamu worn to encourage knowledge, confidence and independence.

These bold and commanding 22ct gold plated Round Belchers chains pay homage to the heart and soul of New York city and what gives this city its everlasting spirit; Perfect balance, harmony, and unity.  

Stone size 80mm long x 13mm wide


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