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Fabuleux Vous L'ombre Crown Earrings
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Fabuleux Vous L'ombre Crown Earrings

Fabuleux Vous L'ombre Crown Earrings

L'ombre was designed over an intense few months when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the globe through 2020. L'ombre is French for the shadow, so this collection was designed to symbolise the world emerging from the shadow of a widespread illness. Inspired by Minerva, a Roman Goddess of strength, wisdom and bravery this collection encompasses her values.
L'ombre is for the strong, determined and classy woman. 

The Crown earrings were designed for those women who are ambitious, classy and natural leaders. This earrings are made purely from sterling silver, the crown pendant which has an oxidised finish to create the dark tones, and they sit on a hook earring. These earrings represent power and strength.  

Earring Size:
Width: 1.5cm
Length (top to bottom): 3cm
Weight (per earring): 2g


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