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Aotea Greenstone Double Koru
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Aotea Greenstone Double Koru

Aotea Greenstone Double Koru


A gorgeous Closed Koru handcrafted from an amazing piece of Aotea stone. The colours and markings of this carving are amazing, from a darker pastel blue to the streaks of white. 

Koru - The Maori word for bright or loop. It refers to the shoots of the silver fern. The circular movement to the inner core refers to "going back to the beginnings". The unfurling frond itself is symbolic for new life, new beginnings, hope, personal growth, purity nurturing, a new phase in life, the spirit of rejuvenation and peace.

One of New Zealand's rarest crystals Aotea is unique to South Westland NZ, Jacobs Creek. Rarer than NZ Greenstone, Aotea comprises of Kyanite (blue) Fuchsite (green) and Quartz (white). Because of the different compositions of the stone no two pieces will ever be the same making each piece unique and different

Carved by Moko Workshops


53mm dia



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